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VisionLink, enabled by Product Link, provides valuable information about your fleet of equipment allowing you to manage your entire operation more efficiently. Depending on your information needs, VisionLink can help you:

  • manage the location, basic usage of your assets
  • schedule events like planned maintenance and major repairs
  • address condition-based events such as diagnostic codes
  • increase machine availability.
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The VisionLink fleet and asset management solution features user-friendly management tools combined with GPS-based positioning and Satellite/Cellular technology to provide near real-time equipment performance information.


The Cat AccuGrade systems are technologies that are designed to utilize integrated machine and hydraulic systems to create a blade or tool control system that allows operators to grade, excavate, compact or pave with increased accuracy. The AccuGrade™ Grade Control System brings to the customer an increase in productivity by up to 40 percent while reducing their site costs dramatically.